Someone call David Attenborough, a real rarity has been found off the west coast of Ireland.

Now here's something you don't hear everyday: a fish with feet has been located in water near the Emerald Aisle. 

The 'sea toad' is only usually found in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. 

According to marine biologist, Kevin Flannery, the pink-hued creature is "extremely rare".

"It is a fantastic looking fish. In the 'Blue Planet II', David Attenborough called it the "fish with feet" because it actually walks along the bottom," Flannery told the Irish Independent.

The fish was found off the coast of Kerry, near Porcupine Bank, by a trawler named Cú Na Mara (meaning 'hound of the seas'). 

Its evolved feet mean that it can 'tip toe' across the sea bed and its fins have evolved into legs to help it crawl along the ocean floor and catch prey.

Flannery, who is also the director of Dingle Oceanworld, said the fish has only been witnessed near Irish waters a handful of time. 

Here's the unusual thing: the same skipper, Patrick Flannery, landed another of the exact same type of fish in the same spot in 1988.

Sir David Attenborough previously said that the sea toad is "an ambush predator with an enormous mouth and infinite patience."

Here’s this weeks #SundayFishSketch - the Deep Sea (RED) Sea Toad - was hoping to color this one in but ran out of time. I learned the parts of anglerfish lures 😋

— Gretchen McCarthy (@gjmmcc98) May 6, 2018