The North's Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) have called for the new bridge, which is currently under construction in the city, to be named after their former leader and civil rights icon John Hume.

The current SDLP leader Margaret Ritchie told the press this week that the new bridge, which was commissioned to celebrate the peace process, should be named after her predecessor, the Nobel Laureate John Hume.

Last week Hume, the former Foyle Member of Parliament, was named the greatest Irish person in history in an national poll. Ritchie said she believed the vote represented the 'perfect mandate' to name the bridge after Hume.

"I believe the new bridge should be named after the one man who has done the most for his city and country, as voted by the people of Ireland," Ritchie told the press.

"He was humbled by his recognition on Friday and would be humbled by the naming of the peace bridge after him. Knowing John he is probably a little embarrassed by it all. That, however, is no reason not to do it.

"What better metaphor than a bridge would encapsulate the message of hope and reconciliation espoused in John Hume's life work and vision for the future?" Ritchie said.