The Occupy Dame Street protest turned nasty late on Thursday night when the campers evicted by police returned to the scene.

Scuffles broke out between police and protestors less than 24 hours after the camp was cleared in the middle of the night.

City bosses have confirmed to local media that the camp was torn down ahead of the annual St Patrick’s Day parade.

Heated scenes erupted on Thursday night when the displaced protestors staged an unplanned protest march from the site to Pearse Street police station.

Eye-witnesses said the march began after protestors demanded the return of items taken from the camp by police including donation money, sleeping bags and documents.

A wall of officers met the protestors outside the police station and scuffles broke out when a small number of protesters tried to confront the police.

Newspaper reports say that one protester was brought away in an ambulance following the violence while others sustained minor injuries.

Attempts to restore the camp at the Dame Street site earlier in the day were also quelled by police.
Officers are currently in situ outside the Central Bank to ensure the Camp isn’t re-erected before the St Patrick’s Day festivities.

The Central Bank has confirmed that ‘because of serious health and safety and public-order concerns’ which had been raised with the bank by the police, it had requested the police to peacefully remove the occupiers.

Protesters have again stated that the removal of the camp does not mean the end of the Occupy movement and have vowed to return to the site again as soon as possible.

Protesters attempt to reoccupy the site at Central Bank, on Dame Street, Dublin@unkiedave