Senator Charles Schumer, [D-N.Y.] wants the new administration to show it will not stand for illegal immigration into the United States.
Schumer, who is chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s immigration subcommittee, made the comment before today’s meeting of the minds between President Obama and members from both sides of the House of Representatives as they start the process of reforming the immigration system.
Last week at a Hispanic prayer meeting, President Obama spoke of a legalization process for illegal immigrants if certain conditions were met.
"The public is tired of the rhetoric and wants a real solution," said Schumer.
"The 'amnesty, amnesty, amnesty' was white hot two years ago. People still don't want amnesty, but they want a solution."
"I've told the advocates we have to come down hard on illegal immigration," continued the senior senator from New York. "I say illegal immigrants. Two years ago Democrats said undocumented workers, which made people say, 'Hmm, maybe Democrats don't think it's bad to be an illegal immigrant."
Schumer went on to say that he looked forward to Thursday's meeting when the President could go into detail on how he hoped to reform the U.S immigration system.