Concordia University has recently expanded their Irish studies program to benefit many students who have a desire to learn about their heritage.

At Concordia University, Canadian Irish Studies have recently gone from a small undergraduate minor and certificate program to a full course of studies and renamed “The School of Canadian Irish Studies."

The university in Quebec, Canada has seen a lot of growth in their Irish Studies courses. This isn't surprising, given that Quebec has one of Canada’s largest Irish population.

Concordia plans to make big strides in developing their Canadian Irish Studies program for the upcoming academic year.

Started in 2000, and funded by the Canadian Irish Studies Foundation, Concordia had a small amount of the special interest courses on historic and current Irish culture. The course of study has already been expanded to 25 courses on many specific aspects of Irishness, including Irish literature, film, drama, political science, Irish history, and women’s studies.

Concordia has plans for the School of Canadian Irish Studies to soon have an undergraduate Major program for students to get a degree in specific area of Irish studies.

According to Concordia, new faculty and visiting scholars will be conducting a variety classes starting this fall. Also, a series of lectures about Irish culture and lifestyle are scheduled at the university.

The school has also expanded its studies to across the Atlantic. Study abroad programs give Concordia students the opportunity to learn about Irish culture, but experience in it.

The Canadian Irish Studies Foundation and Concordia University have worked hand-in-hand for the past years. The Canadian Irish Studies Foundation has funded academic programs and scholarships, while Concordia has continued to promote the importance of Irish studies in Canada.

About 750 students are enrolled in the School of Canadian Irish Studies. Many full and partial scholarships are available from the school to students in the School of Canadian Irish Studies. Concordia University and the Canadian Irish Studies Foundation are proud to see interest in the program grow over time.

Irish studies have become more important to Canada in past years. Canada was among the countries that had many Irish immigrants in the 1800 and 1900’s. More than 14 percent of the Canadian population has Irish heritage, making Irish the 4th largest ethnic population.

The Canadian Irish Foundation and Concordia University began their program of studies to help young Canadians learn about their heritage. The school says they “promote a fuller understanding of Ireland and the Irish experience in Canada.” Steadily, Montreal’s Concordia University is growing as one of the top Irish Studies programs in North America.