On February 12, 2008, David Tarloff walked into Psychologist Kathryn Faughey’s Upper East Side office carrying a collection of weapons with which he proceeded to mercilessly slaughter his victim. This week, Tarloff will go on trial for Kathryn’s murder but may be found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Tarloff’s schizophrenia has delayed the trial for years and halted an attempt to try him in 2010. With a history of 21 hospitalizations on his record and hallucinations about God and Satan speaking to him, jurors will have to decide if Tarloff knew what he was doing when he entered Kathryn Faughey’s office FoxNews.com reports.

Police reported that Tarloff slashed and stabbed his victim 15 times with a meat cleaver and a 9-inch knife with the intention of stealing enough money to remove his mother from a nursing home to take her to Hawaii. Experts say that the contents of the two pieces of luggage left behind by Tarloff indicate that he may also have intended to sexually torture his victim the New York Daily News reveals.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice, Edward McLaughlin, told the court that there is little doubt that Tarloff suffers from mental illness but that “the issue” is “whether of all the people with mental illness, does he fit in the category where he is not responsible for what he’s done.”

In order for Tarloff to be judged “not guilty”, the nine jurors must agree that he did not know what he was doing wrong, reports the NY Post.

Kathryn Faughey in 2005