Praveen Halappanavar has described his wife Savita’s death as horrendous, barbaric and inhumane as she was ‘left there to die’ in University Hospital Galway.

The heartbroken husband made his remarks after a jury delivered a unanimous verdict that medical misadventure caused her death last October.

On the day when the couple should have celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary, Halappanavar heard the jury’s verdict in a Galway courthouse.

He told The Irish Times: “Medicine is all about preventing the natural history of the disease and improving the patient’s life and health, and look what they did. She was just left there to die. We were always kept in the dark.

“If Savita would have known her life was at risk she would have jumped off the bed, straight to a different hospital. But we were never told.”
The paper reports that Halappanavar may take action against the hospital through the European courts system.

He also told The Irish Times: “I haven’t got my answers yet why Savita died. I will get to the bottom of the truth.”

Praveen Halappanavar pictured with his late wife Savita at their home in GalwayAsia Press