Supporters of the “Save Lennox” group, are calling on the 2012 London Olympics to boycott Belfast, as the City Council has ruled to have the dog, who was classed as a pit-bull, put down.

The DigitalJournal reports that Lennox has been held by the City authorities for over 600 days. The online petition “Free Lennox – No Olympic Torch for Belfast”

In 2010 Lennox was taken away from the Barnes family in Belfast as the dogs was deemed to be a banned pit-bull bred. However the Barnes maintain that Lennox, who was a fulltime companion to their disabled child Brooke, is an American bulldog cross.

The family has battled tirelessly to prevent their family pet from being put down but it seemed that last week they lost their fight as the County Court Judge Henry Rodgers refused an application for a last-ditch appeal.


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The petition states “For almost two years the dog Lennox has sat on death row, in isolation.  This dog has committed no crime, but is incarcerated all because of the way he looks and what he "might" do.

The Olympic Flame is currently scheduled to pass through Belfast on June 6, 2012. The flame itself represents purity and the endeavor for perfection. We are Olympic supporters who are asking that the Olympic Committee not allow the flame to pass through the city of Belfast unless the Belfast frees Lennox and returns him to his family.”

Previous campaigns for the dog such as “Save Lennox” have been international successful. The “Save Lennox” site has received over 122,000 signatures and the story has been picked up by news stations across the globe however the dog will still be put down according to the Belfast City authorities.

More information on the new petition and its Facebook pages here.

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