Sarah Palin has been granted a new restraining order against the 19-year-old Pennsylvanian man who allegedly threatened to rape her daughter.

In legal documents obtained by TMZ, Palin claimed that the accused, Shawn Christy had become more “brazen” in his threats to her the former Alaskan governor and her family.

In the documents Palin said that the stalker had targeted 16-year-old Willow and it "bothered [her] tremendously."

TMZ reports that Christy telephoned Palin’s home calling her a "slut or whore." The explicit phone-calls worried the family so much that they "made sure we armed ourselves," accorded to Chuck Health, Palin’s father.

An Anchorage judge made the new temporary restraining order official last week and 47-year-old Palin is due back in court in April 27 to make the order permanent.

Last October Christy was issues a court order warning him to keep away from the Republican after he sent her threatening emails,  and posted her receipts from a gun purchase.

He admitted to making the threats last year, when he told the Scranton Times-Tribune that they were not "the brightest idea."

"I wish, honestly, I could go back and it didn't happen," he said.


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