Former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has no interest in meeting with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, according to British media.
The former UK Prime Minister, Margaret 'Iron Lady' Thatcher who Palin admires greatly refuses to meet with the "nuts" potential presidential candidate.
Sarah Palin is stopping off in London en route to Sudan this summer. "I am just hoping Mrs. Thatcher is well enough to see me as I so admire her," the Tea Party favorite told Britain's Sunday Times.
"Lady Thatcher will not be seeing Sarah Palin. That would be belittling for Margaret. Sarah Palin is nuts," a source told the Guardian. Adding, "Margaret is focusing on Ronald Reagan and will attend the unveiling of the statue. That is her level."
Thatcher is sceduled to make an appearance at the unveiling of a statue of former President Ronald Reagan, her political ally and confidant, at the U.S. embassy in London on July 4, reports the New York Daily News.
An aide told the Independent that the 86-year-old conservative rarely makes public appearances due to her declining health.
"Nowadays, the Lady rarely meets people at all," the aide said. "If a meeting went ahead, it would be very much low-key, and would very much depend on how things were on the day. We don't make firm appointments for this sort of meeting," reads the Daily News.
Thatcher has cut back on public appearances due to her age and recent ill health, missing the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton as well as her own 85th birthday.
The Daily News reports that some political insiders say Palin is trying to beef up her foreign policy experience in the event that she decides to make a bid for the Oval Office.