Well, it's taken four years but Sarah Palin has finally learned to laugh at herself.

The former Governor of Alaska and former vice presidential candidate made a quick and at times slightly awkward visit to NBC's Today Show where she chose to reveal a little of the lighter side of the Thriller from Wasilla.

Covering herself in newspapers on the Today show set, Palin was clearly making light of her now notorious interview with former Today show anchor Katie Couric. At the time Palin, the very model of a model regional governor,  could not name a single newspaper or current affairs magazine she regularly read.

Palin also joked about running into a tourist outside the Today Show studios who cried: 'Honey - I told you Tina Fey is here!'

But supporters saw the party political side of Palin emerge again when she sat down with Today host Matt Lauer and ripped into President Obama, throwing her support behind whichever GOP candidate finally emerges.

'I’ve been of the mindset that anybody but Obama would be so much better for our country,' Palin said.

'Anybody but Obama. I honestly believe that anybody running on that GOP ticket would be infinitely better.'

The New York Post noted that she was 'less than enthusiastic' about the GOP's presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney, who has been repeatedly criticized by the right and left for selling out his principles for political gain.

Palin acknowledged Romney's winning delegate count, but she maintained the race is still wide open, even allowing herself to sound slightly disappointed that Romney is in the lead.

'Anything is still possible, there can still be a bit of a shake up. But the numbers are what the numbers are,' Palin sighed.

Lauer then gamely took the opportunity to remind Palin that cracks about the media works both ways, reminding her she was a willing participant herself. 'Which technically makes you part of the lamestream media for that hour I just want you to know,' Lauer chided. 'It’s nice to have you here.'

NBC made the headlines with Palin's morning visit, the networks hardball response to the news that ABC's Good Morning America had secured Couric for a one-off simultaneously broadcast one-week gig with ABC.

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