Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin can't understand why so many people are appalled by Arizona's new 'show me your papers' immigration policy.

Unafraid of defending what many people consider an openly racist policy, whereby police can now arrest anyone who 'looks' undocumented, Palin is unapologetic in her support of it.

Yesterday she railed against a suburban Chicago high school for skipping a girls' basketball tournament in Arizona in protest over the state's new immigration law.

Palin said that people should help the Highland Park team get to Arizona even if the girls have to 'go rogue,' a reference to her own carefully crafted public image.

Palin said an economic and political boycott of Arizona is not the way to secure the country's borders.

But the Chicago school's district assistant superintendent Suzan Hebson says the trip 'would not be aligned with our beliefs and values,' and so the school could not participate.

Players in the northern Chicago suburb had been selling cookies to raise money to travel to the December tournament. They found out about the decision to remain at home on Monday. It is understood both the students and faculty are in support of the decision.

To date the following cities have approved boycotts of Arizona: Boston, Saint Paul,Oakland, San Diego, West Hollywood, El Paso (city and county), Boulder, San Francisco, Los Angeles.

Palin can't understand repulsion at Arizona immigration law