Police in San Francisco held a press conference this week saying that there was new, credible information in relation to the unsolved disappearance of 10-year-old Irish American Kevin Collins in 1984. 

The Huffington Post reports that San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr and Lt. Tim Plyer said investigators had gathered significant new information on Dan Leonard Therrien, a person of interest in the case.

Though Therrien died in 2008, investigators said that they have critical new details on the person of interest, including a list of aliases and history of felonies.

"This is a case that has haunted the San Francisco Police Department and the City of San Francisco," said Suhr. "It's a cold case and we will continue to follow every lead that we get."

Kevin Collins disappeared in 1984 when he was only ten years old. He was last seen waiting for a bus and speaking to a man who fit Therrien’s description in a location not far from the suspect’s home. 

Collins’ disappearance gained national attention as he was one of the first children pictured on milk cartons after they went missing. His photograph later appeared on the cover of Newsweek under the headline ‘Stolen Children.’

Last month, San Francisco authorities excavated Therrien’s home hoping to find more evidence for the case. Bones were found and they are currently being tested for human remains.

At the time of Collins’ disappearance, Therrien was using the alias Wayne Jackson while living in San Francisco. Though at the time of his death in 2008, he was using the name Dan Therrien. It’s not yet clear what name was on his birth certificate.

Therrien had a criminal past; he was convicted of both kidnapping and lewd acts on a minor, including a 1981 incident in Canada and a separate 1984 incident in San Francisco. Investigators also revealed that Therrien had a long-time roommate and possible partner in Canada whom police have been questioning.

Suhr asked anyone with information regarding Therrien or the Collins case to contact the SFPD Major Crimes Unit/Homicide Detail at 415-553-1145. Information can be given anonymously at 415-575-4444.

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