Minister for Justice Alan Shatter has confirmed that same-sex partnerships that were entered into legally in other nations will now be recognized in Ireland as well. reports that marriages which take place in Denmark, civil unions which happen in Delaware and Hawaii in the United States, and marriages from Washington in the US will all be recognized in Ireland.

The order from Minister Shatter was enacted on December 31, 2012, but was only announced on Sunday. With the order, Ireland now officially recognizes partnerships from 35 jurisdictions around the world.

Couples based in Ireland who have gone through with a civil union or marriage are now subject to the same legal regime and have the same rights and obligations as couples who register a civil partnership in Ireland. Such rights and obligations include adhering to tax, social welfare and domestic violence codes, as well as property, pensions and inheritance rights.

“It is important that same-sex couples who register their relationships in other jurisdictions enjoy the recognition and benefits of the Irish civil partnership legislation, on their return or relocation to Ireland,” said Minister for Justice Alan Shatter.

“As the legislative landscape continues to change internationally, this measure ensures that Ireland remains up to date in this regard and that such registered partners are afforded the full protection of the law,” said Minister Shatter.

Same-sex partnerships, entered into legally in other nations, will be recognized in IrelandGuardian