Read more: Samantha Power, Irish-born aide, key to Obama Libya attack policy

Irish-born Samantha has become a target of the pro-Israeli lobby after her influence over President Obama and his changed policy on Libya became known.

Power, who moved to Georgia from Dublin at age 10, is a Pulitzer Prize winner for her book on genocide and is a key member of President Obama’s National Security Council staff.

The New York Times revealed that Power and UN Ambassador Susan Rice were the key figures in forcing Obama to act by convincing Secretary Hillary Clinton to push for UN action.

Power has long been a figure of controversy in Israeli circles as they perceive her as too pro-Palestinian.

Her influence on Obama is deeply resented  among supporters of the Israeli lobby.
The AmericanThinker, a leading publication of the lobby was immediately critical of Obama relying on her.

In an article entitled “The rise of Samantha Power and the risk for the American –Israel relationship”  Ed Lasky wrote about Power

“ Not only has she emerged as a key player in foreign policy but the rationale that was used to justify American actions towards Libya can be used by other nations - if not the United States - to justify more active involvement in the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

“Power was Barack Obama's most influential foreign policy adviser during the campaign; they go back years and are basketball and Blackberry buddies. Any influence she has would not be good for the American-Israel relationship”

The magazine states that Power  “also played a role in the granting of the Presidential Medal of Freedom to (Former Irish president) Mary Robinson,” a person the magazine claims has a “checkered record regarding actions towards Israel.”

“She now serves on the National Security Council. Foreign-policy making in this administration has been opaque at best. But one dynamic that has been now made clear is that Power has emerged as a key player.”  Lasky  wrote.

Back in 2008 American Thinker, a right wing Israeli support publication had already tagged Power as anti Israel.

“The problem for those who favor a strong US-Israel relationship is that Power seems obsessed with Israel, and in a negative way.  Much like the authors of the Baker-Hamilton report, she believes resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is central to solving other problems in the Middle East. And it is clear that her approach to addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would be for the US to behave in a  more "even handed" fashion, which of course means withdrawing US support for Israel, and instead applying more pressure on Israel for concessions.”

In a 2009 article by Norman Podhoretz in the influential Commentary magazine entitled “How Obama’s America Might Threaten Israel.” Samantha Power is highlighted as one of those in the White House  that Israel must regard as an opponent.

Given her new stature Power seems certain to come under even more scrutiny from  the most powerful foreign lobby in Congress.

Read more: Samantha Power, Irish-born aide, key to Obama Libya attack policy