Ryanair, the low cost Irish budget airline, is accused of trying to treat a passenger who was suffering from cardiac arrest with a sandwich and a soft drink and then charging for the items.

Per-Erik Jonsson was flying from England to Sweden last Sunday when he became ill and lost consciousness.  His wife alerted the crew, while his stepdaughter Billie Appleton, a nurse, revived him, according to thejournal.ie.

After he regained consciousness and started breathing again, the cabin staff, according to Appleton, said "he had low blood pressure and gave him a sandwich and a soda."

"And they made sure he paid for it," she said.

After the plane landed in Sweden, no help was provided and the family had to drive Jonsson to the hospital themselves.

“In line with procedures for such cases a Ryanair cabin crew suggested a diversion to the nearest airport or to have an ambulance on stand-by on arrival at Skavsta, so that the passenger could receive medical treatment. However, the passenger’s companion, who identified herself as a nurse, declined this offer.” said airline spokesman Stephen McNamara.

Ryanair has a long history of frugality. Michael O’Leary, head of Ryanair, has suggested paying for use of toilets and standing room only flights among his recommendations for the future.

Appleton is seeking an apology from the airline and said the family is considering legal action.


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