Henrik Ulven, a Ryanair passenger traveling from Berlin to Oslo, was arrested on Tuesday after complaining about the poor quality of his chicken sandwich.

Upon arrival at the Rygge Airport in Norway, police detained the 52-year-old man from Oslo because the crew complained he had become disruptive.

Ulven said he merely asked for a refund after he bought the $5.80 sandwich and was shocked to be arrested.

"I first ordered a hot meal which they didn't have and then I asked for a second hot meal which they didn't have either,” he told the Irish Independent.

"I asked the girl what they actually had and I ordered a 'chicken premium sandwich', which cost €4.50 and was supposed to have been 'freshly made'. My money was in my jacket in the overhead locker so I told her I would pay her when I was able to get up again.

"The sandwich looked nice and healthy but when I tasted it, it was soft and rubbery and nothing at all like it looked in the photo. I called the girl and said I was not paying for that."

Ulven said the stewardess then told him she would have to report him to the authorities.