Videos show passengers rushing to escape a Ryanair plane fire

A Ryanair flight narrowly escaped disaster on Tuesday after a passenger’s mobile phone caught fire inside the cabin.

Panicked passengers had to quickly exit the Ryanair plane using emergency inflatable slides. Thankfully, the flight was still on the ground in Barcelona before departing for its flight to Ibiza.

It is understood that a passenger’s mobile phone was charging via a portable battery pack and stowed away in the overhead compartments before it ignited.

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In an Instagram post, passenger @anthcarrio explained: “Looks like it harfer (sic) to get to ibiza then we thought ive never seen so many people so scared in there life!"

"Portable charger blew up in the same row as I was sitting everyone tries to run and all I do was put it out with water.

"Luckily it was just before taking off come on people how can no one else think of doing that fire across the whole plane width of the plane emergency exits are pre fun when there's not a real emergency."

A video shared on Twitter shows the panicked passengers rushing to escape the Ryanair plane via emergency chutes.

@Ryanair Evacuation today at Barcelona airport due to passenger electronic device #lithiumbattery #cabincrew #cabincrewlife #cabincrewtraining #azafata #flightattendant #aeromoza #TCP #safety #evacuation

— Cabin Crew Club (@club_cabin) July 31, 2018

Afterward, Ryanair released a statement: "Passengers on a Barcelona-Ibiza flight (on the ground in Barcelona) on Tuesday afternoon (31 July) experienced an emergency evacuation caused by a mobile phone catching fire as it was being charged by a battery pack.”

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"All passengers were safely evacuated back to the terminal and cabin crew dealt with the mobile phone.”

"Ryanair worked to arrange a spare aircraft to re-accommodate these passengers with the minimum delay."

No one was injured as a result of the fire or evacuation.