Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary owns a taxi service -- with himself as the sole customer.

There was much comment when O’Leary decided to buy a taxi medallion a few years back but the Ryanair boss can now commute to work from Mullingar to Dublin Airport, a round trip of about 150 miles, and use taxi lanes through Dublin’s insane traffic, reports the Irish Examiner.

O’Leary has his own driver and meter and the taxi company is actually showing a profit close to $1 million per year, according to its latest financial report. O’Leary pays bills to the company to transport him even though he owns the company himself.

The company, called Tillingdale, also provides horse breeding services, so it is hard to know where all the profitability comes from.

O’Leary and his wife Anita are the company called Tillingdale’s sole officers.