A pair of Russian spies, previously known as 'The Murphys' from New Jersey, were rumbled by the FBI last year and sent back to Russia. The couple, whose real names are Vladimir and Lidia Guryev, are now demanding that the US give them back some of the property they were forced to leave behind.

The spies, who used the undercover names Richard and Cynthia Murphy along with fake Irish passports, were returned to Russia with 12 other suspected spies. They were ordered to never return to the US and the authorities seized their possessions.

According to Channel 6 News Vladimir has demanded the return of the money in his bank account which totals around $190,000. He also wants his three cars, computers, camera and other equipment back. The couple also want the return of the data record on their camera and video camera back as they say it is "dear to them".

In June of last year they were deported as the FBI found them to be to unregistered agents for the Russian government who were sending messages and following orders from Russia.

Colonel Shcherbakov formally of the Russian foreign intelligence agency, helped the US to break up the spy ring. He had been the head of the department responsible for planting secret agents deep under cover in the US. He resigned in June and fled to America, days before the spies were arrested and the FBI orchestrated the biggest spy swap since the Cold War.

In January a Russian diplomat was expelled from Ireland for their involvement in the production of six fake Irish passports which were used by the spy ring.

Richard and Cynthia Murphy, Russian spies, used Irish passports