Nine of the ten Russian spy suspects, including Cynthia and Richard Murphy, will remain in custody while one will be released and placed under house arrest.

Judge Ronald Ellis, in New York, announced that Vicky Pelaez, a Pervian-born journalist with U.S. citizenship could be released but must remain under house arrest, wearing a monitoring device if a bail of $250,000 is paid, with $10,000 in cash.

He said she “does not appear to be a trained agent” and added she “has a real identity and she is a US citizen and she has an incentive to stay in the country.” Dozen’s of protesters outside the court insisted that she was innocent on all possible charges.

Judge Ellis would not consider releasing the Murphys. He said that government evidence against the couple was too strong.

July 27 has been set as a date for the preliminary hearing for the Murphy’s. 

In Boston, Tracey Foley, another Irish alias, and cohort Donald Heathfield, in New York, will have their hearing on July 16. Arrangements have been made for their sons aged 16 and 20. The couple will face charges of participating in a network of agents working for the Kremlin.