Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh says Senator Ted Kennedy was served booze, not coffee, by 'Negroes,' as a new book claims.

In controversial remarks, Limbaugh was responding to a story in a new book called "Game Change" that former president Bill Clinton had told Kennedy that Barack  Obama would have been serving him coffee a few years ago and that he wasn't worth supporting for president.

Kennedy, who eventually supported Obama, was upset by the remarks, which merely increased the tension between the two leading Democrats.

Limbaugh, however, says it was not like that at all.

Limbaugh stated: "I know the real reason that Teddy Kennedy was mad and offended when Bill Clinton said 'Hey, come on man, this guy woulda been fetching us coffee a few years ago.' What made Teddy Kennedy mad was it's women get him coffee. It was Negroes that brought Ted Kennedy his booze. And that's why he was all offended . . .We deal in the truth here . . ."

Limbaugh had previously incensed Kennedy supporters when he congratulated himself for predicting Kennedy's death while the health care reform bill was being written.

"Before it's all over, it'll be called the Ted Kennedy Memorial Health Care Bill," Limbaugh said at the time.

Limbaugh was criticized for his insensitivity over those Kennedy remarks but  expressed pride in them. "I predicted it, and I caught all kinds of grief for it out there," he said.