Rush Limbaugh seems intent on driving a wedge between Bill Clinton and President Obama. This week the portly pundit accused Clinton of 'undercutting' Obama with comments the former president made about taxing the wealthy to fix the economy.

According to the Huffington Post Limbaugh said Obama believes in taxing the wealthy, but Clinton believes that taxing the wealthy alone will not entirely fix the economy.

'We are all going to have to contribute to this,' Clinton said, indicating that he accepted that the well off had a duty to the country, but they should not shoulder the burden alone.

Clinton underlined he was not speaking on behalf of the White House, adding that he personally believed America's middle class would accept returning to the tax rates of the 1990's if they saw that their wages would increase and the economy grow.

Limbaugh saw this as an opportunity to criticize both Democrats, accusing Clinton of calling for tax increases on the middle class.

'Is he doing Obama any favors here?' Limbaugh asked. 'That is the exact opposite message of what Obama wants — is it not?'

Limbaugh, who reportedly makes 40 million dollars a year, said that Obama's suggestion that America's rich should pay their share of taxes amounted to a 'class envy tour.'

Obama's message was not to the multimillionaire's liking and Limbaugh scoffed that the president was 'trying to make everybody believe that the reason we have an economic problem is because we have rich people in the first place.'

But Limbaugh's comments come in the same week that it was revealed Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin renounced his US passport to potentially save himself hundreds of million of dollars in taxes. It's a spectacular illustration of Obama's claim that the super rich can find multiple ways to prevent paying their share.

In a back handed compliment Limbaugh concluded that Clinton was right in part. 'You can take everything rich have but you wouldn't balance the budget ever,' he said.

In an effort to put more daylight between the two presidents, Limbuagh added: 'Clinton seems to differ on just about every Obama policy.'

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