In light of recent Obama re-election campaign ads featuring actress Sarah Jessica Parker and ‘Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour, Rush Limbaugh has likened President Obama to the “famous for being famous” Kim Kardashian.

The new promo ads for President Obama encourage people to donate to his campaign in order to win a chance at attending a dinner featuring the President and First Lady, as well as Parker and Wintour.

Limbaugh said, "This whole thing is a fraud. Anna Wintour doesn't want to meet these people. She's not interested in what they have to think, neither is Obama or Michelle or Sarah Jessica."

Limbaugh went on to describe ‘Vogue’ as "a magazine for elites. It's a fashion magazine. Very few people actually read it. It's one of these things 'the right people read it.'"

"It's an indication, once again, how out of touch they really are, how distanced they have become from the people who make this country work. It's an indication of what they think the strong drawing power of the presidency is. He's becoming Barack Kardashian. I tell you, that's what he's becoming.”

“He is becoming the male Kim Kardashian with this stuff, and it's been building. He is Celebrity of the United States; he is not the President. And he is actively, and his whole team's out there pushing this. So it's Barack Hussein Kardashian, is what he has become.”

Daughter of former Presidential nominee John McCain, Meghan McCain took to her blog with some similar sentiment. Blogged McCain, "With the recent abysmal jobs report that just came out, touting elitist celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Wintour seems particularly out of touch and disconnected.”

She added, "Why in the world would you OK something like this?"

McCain’s father, Senator John McCain, also likened Obama to a celebrity during their 2008 head-to-head presidential race.

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