Rush Limbaugh is the latest pundit to rush to the defense of Neil Munro, the Irish born journalist who interrupted President Obama's speech at the White House on Friday by yelling 'Why do you favor foreigners over American workers?'

Munro, the White House correspondent for the right-leaning Daily Caller, was denounced by members of the media for shouting out his question while the president was still in the middle of his speech on immigration reform.

But now Limbaugh is defending the Irishman's right to speak and blasting Munro's critics for suggesting that the reporter felt emboldened to interrupt President Obama because of his race.

On his radio show on Monday Limbaugh argued that Munro was simply doing his job as a journalist. 'Imagine heckling the president by asking him a question!' he scoffed. Limbaugh went on to say he was mystified by the nations focus on the reporter's tactic.

ABC's Sam Donaldson, who took offense when he was compared to Munro by the Daily Caller's chief Tucker Carlson, countered that he believed Obama's race was a factor in Munro's behavior and Limbaugh's opposition to the president.

Donaldson told The Huffington Post this week that many oppose the president 'for who he is, an African American' and he singled out Limbaugh out for encouraging a climate of 'disrespect.'

In an email over the weekend, Limbaugh took issue with Donaldson's claims.

'How utterly ignorant of these supposed great minds to suggest that any of this has anything to do with Obama's skin color cause I'm gonna tell you it doesn't. As far as I'm concerned, I got over his skin color before he was elected,' Limbaugh wrote, adding that he objected to Obama's 'ideas' and 'policies.'

'I couldn't care less about this guy's skin color and for these guys to run around and make this kind of accusation, it is cheap, it is predictable, it is cliched, it is ignorant and it is wrong,' Limbaugh blustered.

Limbaugh has famously referred to Obama as a 'Halfrican,' 'a Chicago street thug,' 'a half-minority' and even 'the little black man-child.'

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