Radio host Rush Limbaugh claims that he is the reason that the Republican Party team of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan lost the election to Barack Obama.

Speaking on “The Rush Limbaugh Show” this week, he said, “Just as I predicted, ladies and gentlemen -- wait 'til you hear the sound bites -- this election was lost because of your host, Rush Limbaugh. I am the primary reason.

“There are others, but I'm the primary reason the Republican Party lost. And I am, by the way, the primary reason the Republican Party will keep losing, until I am denounced by the Republican Party.”

Limbaugh was responding to criticism against him on in a article which quoted what the radio host said last month. He had said, “If Obama wins, the Republican Partyis going to try to maneuver so Conservatives get blamed.”

He was partially correct. Moderate conservative “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough came forward blaming the conservative media for the Republican’s loss. Also Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal insulted the Republican’s philosophies saying they had to stop being “the stupid party.”

Listen to the audio from “The Rush Limbaugh Show” here: