The 14-year-old Irish teenager who refused to return to Ireland after spending a few weeks with her Mormon half-sister in Utah was forced back home on Wednesday.

Shannon Cowan, along with her older sister Melita Carter, filed a temporary protective order in a Provo, Utah court at the end of August alleging that their mother, Caroline Cowan physically abused them.

On one occasion, Carter claimed, Cowan beat her for putting her hand out a window to feel the rain.

In the petition Carter asked for a protective order for herself, her husband, her sister (Shannon) and her daughter. She said she feared Cowan would retaliate against her.

However according to local media reports in Provo, Shannon was taken out of her high-school class on Wednesday after the temporary protective order was dismissed by the courts there.

Another judge issued a "pick-up" order to return Shannon to her father, Ian, and a temporary restraining order against Carter.

It is believed that Shannon, accompanied by her father, flew back to Ireland on Thursday morning.

Carter and her husband Chas were in the process of seeking legal guardianship for Shannon.

Carter told the newspaper that she intended to go to Ireland to fight for her half sister, and said she feared for her sister's safety here.

"If I could get the money, I'd be on the exact same flight [as Shannon]," Carter told the Daily Herald. "There is nothing that I've done illegally in my eyes… All I was doing was trying to protect my sister and keep her safe."

Carter lived with her mother in Dublin before moving to Utah at the age of 12 to live with her father.

She clams she was abused by her mother while under her care.

Earlier this month Caroline Cowan the girls’ mother, went on radio in Ireland saying she was worried that the Mormons in Utah were keeping her child in an effort to brainwash her.

Shannon came to visit her sister in the summer and was due to return to Ireland in August. She never returned.

 Cowan’s attorney, Sean Petersen, based in Utah, told reporters his client’s daughter should be back in Ireland attending school.

 “Obviously, Caroline is denying any allegations that are in the petition,” he said.

 Nathan Shill- Carter’s attorney told the last week that Carter denies claims made by her mother that she is trying to keep Shannon in Utah so she can be “brainwashed” by the Mormon community.

“This is untrue and we deny any such allegations,” said Shill.

Petersen said Cowan is currently in the hospital in Ireland and is concerned for her daughter.

Shirll said Carter was “just trying to do what she feels necessary to protect Shannon and do what’s best for her.”