The Irish Institute at Boston College Center for Irish programs are inviting professionals from both sides of the Atlantic to apply for this new program which seeks to create a dialogue on the current issues faced in the rule of law in Ireland and in Northern Ireland.

Valued at $650,000, the Program will include career professionals from the United States, Ireland, and Northern Ireland as participants in this exchange to facilitate and support cross-community and multi-institutional relationships.

The Professional Exchange will bring leaders and decision-makers in governance and the rule of law in Ireland and Northern Ireland into direct and substantive dialogue with one another and their American peers for a critical examination of issues relevant to these areas.

Director of this program, Robert Mauro, commented “We hope that in brining these legal and policy professionals from Ireland and Northern Ireland to Boston College that they will have an opportunity to share with one another, to work with some of the best legal and policy educators and practitioners in the United States, and to reflect on their professions.”

It is hoped that the participants in these exchanges will develop a mutual understanding of one another’s societies which will provide them with an opportunity to collaborate and develop their professional networks, as well as  develop their civic and workplace leadership skills through both a fellowship experience in Boston as well as an extensive program of meetings, site visits, seminars, roundtable discussions, cultural opportunities and travel throughout Massachusetts and the Washington, D.C area.

Mauro advised the overall objective of the program ‘is intended to promote peace and reconciliation in Ireland and Northern Ireland through professional development.’

Applications for this Professional Exchange will be available in early January 2014.