Anchorman Ron Burgundy has invited Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny to a televised debate as the Troika prepare to leave – and managed to get the nation’s leader’s name wrong!

In a specially recorded message to Kenny, Will Ferrell’s character invites ‘Edna’ to a live debate.

In Ireland to promote the new Anchorman 2 movie and celebrating his Irish roots, Burgundy has released the video clip to local media.

The Irish Independent reports that Burgundy recorded a special address for Kenny in which he proposes a live debate in order to avoid any ‘pesky gaffes’.

In the clip he constantly refers to PM Kenny as ‘Edna’ rather than ‘Enda’ Kenny.

Anchorman Burgundy says: “Live television is a terrifying beast to master, but I’m here to lend a helping hand. I challenge you, Edna Kenny, to a live debate here on GNN.

“Keep in mind there will be teleprompters, so everything will be scripted and there will be no risk of those pesky gaffes. We will of course advertise the debate as live, but in reality, we’ll probably do it on a cosy Saturday afternoon.

“Afterward, we can go see a movie. We’ll make a day of it. It’ll be fun. The world will never know.”