Irish setter, Romy, gave birth to an astounding 15 puppies back in 2011, surpassing the average size of a litter by six.

Romy’s owners, Natasha White and Alicia Copping, from Coventry, West Midlands, are both “excited” and “shocked” about the large litter.

White, who specializes in breeding guide dogs, explained how she had taken Romy to get a scan when she was about four weeks pregnant. “We thought we could see about eight puppies,” she said, proving that the additional seven was a big surprise.

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"We were so excited about meeting the puppies - but you can imagine our shock when she just kept giving birth to more and more of them,” White said to The Sun.

"We kept thinking 'Crikey, when is she going to stop?”

Romy, the Irish red setter.

Romy, the Irish red setter.

White added that after Romy had delivered ten pooches, she thought she was done with the labor and brought Romy for a short walk. However, five more puppies were to come, with number fifteen being the largest of the litter.

"The last one to be born was the biggest of all - it seemed to take her a lot more effort to get him out than the others.”

Romy, rightly exhausted after her big special delivery, is having trouble producing enough milk to keep her pups satisfied, forcing White and Copping to be on bottle patrol around the clock.

White and Copping have begun to notice personalities and traits in each of the fifteen pups, despite them being even too young to open their eyes yet at only 15 days old.

"There are so many we are struggling to think of names for them all."

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* Originally published in 2011.