During the much-hyped Notre Dame v Navy football game at Dublin’s Aviva Stadium on Saturday, a protester from the UK managed to get on the field and performed what some are calling an Irish jig.

Yahoo! Sports writes that, “Jungle Bird,” the nickname for 40-year-old James Andrew Dudley of Wallasey, United Kingdom, made it to the end zone during Saturday’s game where he performed a bit of a jig before heading off the field, only to be met by security.

Dudley has made appearances at other popular events in order to protest deforestation. On Saturday in Dublin, he was apparently protesting Kentucky Fried Chicken and their hand in deforestation.

The American commentators had a bit of a chuckle during Dudley’s display. One said, “How much Guinness do you think he’s had?” while the other noted, “The good side, he did have his clothes on!”

Check out Dudley’s disruption here:

Rogue UK protester James Andrew Dudley protests Emerald Isle Classic football game in DublinGoogle Images