The Kennedy family feud continues over last week’s death of Mary Richardson Kennedy, who took her own life in her Mount Kisco estate in Bedford, New York.

The 52-year-old mother of four married into the Kennedy family in 1994. Her estranged husband, Robert Kennedy, filed for divorce in 2010.

The New York post reports that the Richardson family snubbed Robert Kennedy Jnr by not inviting him to a private memorial they organized in New York on Monday. 

On Saturday, the family of Mary Richardson Kennedy boycotted her funeral. In response, Mary’s siblings organized a memorial at in the Standard Hotel in downtown Manhattan on Monday.

Allegedly, Kennedy took the couple's four children to Florida. A family friend told the Post that the couple's children, Conor, 18, Kyra, 17, Finn, 15, and Aiden, 11,  will stay at their grandmother Ethel’s home in Palm Beach.

“He was a terrible husband, but he’s a very good father,” a different friend told the New York Post.

At Mary’s funeral on Saturday, the widower delivered a eulogy in which he stated he had tried to help his late wife.

“I know I did everything I could to help her.”

He added, “She really fought so hard. She had these demons, and she didn’t deserve it.”

On Friday, hours before the wake, Mary’s brother, attorney Thomas Richardson, was in Westchester Supreme Court attempting to stop Robert from claiming her body. In a closed hearing, the judge ruled in favor of Robert, who, before her death, was in the process of divorcing his wife.

The son of Bobby Kennedy, he was awarded the estate and custody of his four children.

Farewell to Mary Richardson Kennedy: