Renowned international artist Robert Ballagh is considering a run for the Irish presidency with support from Sinn Fein.

Ballagh, from Dublin, would be a very serious candidate and would severely impact the the other main left-wing candidate Micheal D. Higgins, of the Labor party.

He would also be a viable candidate to get a nomination to run. The support of a total of 20  members of the Irish parliament and senate or four county councils are needed to allow candidates to enter the election proper.

Ballagh would very likely have Sinn Fein support, amounting to 17 votes, and likely those of other left wing candidates also.

Ballagh has held talks with Sinn Fein leader Gerrry Adams and other left wing leaders in the course of making up his mind.

Based on these meeting Ballagh is said to be close to making a definite decision.

He is perhaps best known for designing the sets for the original Riverdance and the Irish currency before the Euro. His wife recently died, and Ballagh was very angry at how the health service treated her during her illness.He would run as the anti-bailout, anti-European Union candidate.

If Ballagh runs it almost certainly forces Fianna Fail, the only major party that has not announced a candidate, to run to run one, likely Eamon O Cuiv,Eamon De Valera’s grandson.