On July 29, 2008, a battle was fought between two Irish gypsy families, the Nevins and Dinnegans.
Yesterday, 64 people were brought before the Mullingar Circuit Court and were charged with rioting and public disorder offences.
The 64 people were identified through footage published on YouTube by the rioters themselves, and by footage recorded by a witness and a police helicopter.
A riot squad was at the court to ensure there was no repeat of the 2008 brawl.
The riot in question took place in the Dalton Park housing estate in Mullingar town.
The Nevins owed the Dinnegans an unpaid bet on a bare-knuckle fight.
As tensions grew between the two groups, the Dinnegans asked the Quinn and McDonagh families from Dublin to travel to Mullingar and help them retrieve the debt.
When Dalton Park residents saw the feud developing , they immediately called the police.
As police officers attended the scene, they were greeted with a full-scale riot between the families.
The leader of the Nevin family, Christy "Ditzy" Nevin signaled the start of the riot by approaching the Dinnegans and pulling down his trousers and exposing his buttocks.
The unarmed police managed to separate the two sides by 30 meters. The rioters were armed with hatchets, swords, golf clubs and baseball bats adorned with nails.
Up to 100 people took part in the riot, and women and teenagers were heavily involved.
Rocks, steel objects and bottles were thrown at the opposing sides while the police intervened.
The fighting ended when the police cornered one of the families and they subsequently fled over a garden fence.
A number of men were seen exchanging alcohol and handshakes in the kitchen of a house while nursing their wounds.
Although several ambulances attended the riot, there were no serious injuries inflicted on either side.