Northern Irish Social Development Minister Nelson McCausland has slammed RIhanna’s new video for portraying Belfast as "a hopeless place.”

The superstar recently filmed her new video ‘We Found Love’ in Northern Ireland, including in a wheat field outside Belfast and the New Lodge area of Belfast itself.


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A local farmer, Alan Graham, who rented the wheat field to Rihanna, objected strongly when she stripped down in his field, citing religious objections, and made worldwide headlines,

Now McCausland has stated about the video: "Apparently much of it involves her singing 'I found love in a hopeless place.'

"This is set against a background of drugs, alcohol and gambling, interspersed with shots of the New Lodge flats and views of the general area.

"A hopeless place? Fortunately, most people who see the video will have no idea where it was filmed."

"Crowds of local people flocked round her during her time in the area," he said.

"They were excited and delighted about her visit to the New Lodge, but I wonder what their reaction is now that the video is out?"

McCausland stated he was bitterly disappointed at the image of Belfast that has been projected worldwide.