Pete Santilli, a fringe right conspiracy nut with a taste for self promotion, has been garnering headlines by calling for the murder of Hillary Clinton.

Furious about her near certain plan to run for president and angered by the apparent inability to stop her at the polling station, Santilli has resorted to calls to shoot her, specifically in the vagina, he said.

According to the Daily Mail, recent high profile guests on Santilli's radio show have included NRA board member Ted Nugent and Gun Owners of America director Larry Pratt, garnering him a high profile among the far right.

But his heightened profile may come with a visit from the Secret Service soon.

His call for Clinton's murder was made whilst discussing Benghazi, an issue that has enraged the far right but gained no traction nationally. Undaunted by the public's apparent disinterest, Santilli said he wanted former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to pay for 'all the Americans she’s killed.'

'I want to shoot her right in the vagina,' Santilli said. 'On behalf of all of those people, I’m supporting our troops by saying we need to try, convict, and shoot Hillary Clinton in the vagina.'

Santilli has reportedly claimed on air that the Obama administration faked the Osama bin Laden capture and killing. Unable to accept that a Democratic administration could command a team to perform the daring task, he has instead decided that none of it actually occurred.

'On behalf of all Americans that you’ve killed,' he said, 'on behalf of the Navy SEALS, the families of Navy SEAL Team Six who were involved in the fake hunt down of this Obama, Obama bin Laden thing, that whole fake scenario, because these Navy SEALS know the truth, they killed them all.'

Even Glenn Beck hasn't veered this far into fantasy revisionism, but Santilli may be hoping to out-Beck him.

Ascribing to the shoot them all and let God sort them out school of hysterical demagoguery, Santilli called for the killing of the president too.

‘Barack Obama needs to be tried, convicted, and shot for crimes against the United States of America,’ he said. ‘And if anybody has a problem with that, then you are an enemy of our state.’

Benito Mussolini couldn't have said it better himself.

Later on on the same show, perhaps in a rare moment of bipartisanship, Santilli called for the Bush family to be shot for treason.

Right Wing Watch, a liberal website that monitors right wing hate sites, has dubbed Santilli 'an unhinged Internet ranter who exists somewhere to the crazier side of Infowars' Alex Jones.'

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