Stephen Flemmi, the former Winter Hill Gang mobster known as The Rifleman, accused his old partner James Whitey Bulger of being a pedophile on his third day of testimony yesterday, claiming the Irish American mobster once flew a 16-year-old girl away to Mexico for a tryst.

‘You want to talk about pedophilia, right over there at that table,’ Flemmi, 79, said, pointing at Bulger, 83, from the witness stand. Bulger, an accused killer of 19 people, reportedly glared back at him but did not speak.

According to the Boston Herald, Flemmi’s outburst came as Bulger’s defense attorney Hank Brennan pressed him for a second day about his sexual relationship with and subsequent murder of his common-law stepdaughter Deborah Hussey.

Flemmi was reportedly 40 and Hussey 18 when he claims they had a ‘consensual’ affair and he said he didn’t consider what he was doing to be wrong at the time.

Hussey was 26 when Flemmi lured her to a house in South Boston in 1985 where two other bodies were already rotting and he let Bulger strangle her.

‘Physically, no, I never enjoyed killing anyone,’ Flemmi said, but he agreed ‘in the eyes of the Lord’ he bore some responsibility for the murder.

But he disputed the gravedigger Kevin Weeks' earlier testimony that he had finished the job on Hussey with a garotte, saying he was in a ‘semi-traumatic state’ at the time.

Brennan startled the convicted serial murderer by showing him a photograph of Hussey’s skull, showing him the holes where he’d ripped out her teeth post-mortem with a pair of pliers.

‘I’ve never seen this before,’ Flemmi stammered. ‘I don’t want to see it.’

Flemmi said he had taken Hussey shopping knowing she would soon be dead, but he blamed Bulger for the death.

‘One four-letter word from Bulger, pass. P-A-S-S - would have been the end of it,’ he said. ‘And I would have been so happy.’