The former Northern Ireland First Minister Ian Paisley has led the protests against Pope Benedict’s visit to Britain.

Paisley, now known as Lord Bannside led a small band of protestors to Edinburgh where they challenged the pope’s right to be in Britain.
He called the pope’s visit to Britain ‘nonsense” and said it should never have occurred.

Dr Paisley, now Lord Bannside, arrived in Edinburgh's Old Town to highlight his concerns over the four-day visit, which he branded a "nonsense".

They also released a booklet  booklet saying that "recent scandals" within the Roman Catholic Church meant the pope’s visit should have been challenged.

"I don't want his blessing and I will be keeping as far away as I can. Why? Because the whole thing is nonsense."

Paisley told his followers : "We're here today on very solemn and serious matters. I've just seen the statement that has been issued by the Roman Catholic Church about this visit and we are told that if we go to this mass here today then we will have a shortened purgatory and our sins will be forgiven - £25 and you'll get out of purgatory quicker.

"Now there's no such a place as purgatory, so that's a farce from the very beginning. Secondly, no man can forgive sins but God only."
He added: "I believe in gospel without money and without price."