This weekend an international Gallup poll confirmed that 96 percent of Irish voters would vote for Barack Obamaon November 6. Now a new BBC World Service poll has confirmed that most countries in the world support the incumbent president in the 2012 US presidential election.

The opinion poll found that on average, 50 percent favored Obama, with only nine percent supporting the Republican candidate Mitt Romney. France was the most strongly pro-Obama with 72 percent. The only country which is in support of Romney is Pakistan.

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Also, a recent Facebook poll taken among IrishCentral readers showed that Barack Obama has 58 percent of their support.

However, according to the latest poll by Real Clear Politics, the average popular vote put Romney in the lead against Obama by 0.6 percent in the United States.

As NPR put it yesterday, “If The World Picked U.S. President, Election Would Be A Blowout.”

It’s all to play for with less than two weeks to polling day.