The island of Ireland is preparing for the calm after the storm – but flood alerts are the latest danger after a 48 hour battering from high winds.

A final gale warning was issued on Thursday morning after near record winds close to hurricane force approached 168kmh at Malin Head in Donegal.

Homes were left without electricity and phone services, roads were closed by falling trees and ferries and flights disrupted during the storm.

Torrential rain followed the heavy winds with Ireland’s state weather service Met Eireann also issuing flood alerts on Thursday as winds began to ease.

Donegal was again badly affected by the rainfall with roads closed and fields flooded as police issued a travel warning to motorists across the county.


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Flood barriers were also erected in several Cork towns including Mallow, Fermoy and Bandon.

Met Eireann say that calm and mild weather is expected in the coming days according to the Irish Times.

Forecaster Sandra Spillane said. “For Thursday the winds will be light to moderate and westerly. During Friday they might pick up a little during the day, but will ease again later on and will be mostly moderate and will continue westerly.

“It will remain mild into the weekend with temperatures reaching 10 degrees at night and up to 12 degrees during the day in some parts. While it will be mostly dry, there will be patches of rain today and tomorrow. The rain may be persistent at times, but is unlikely to be heavy.

“Rain will become more widespread tomorrow evening, but is set to die out overnight leaving a drier day, with just some drizzle mainly on the Atlantic coast on Saturday, with a similar picture expected on Sunday.”

Here's some videos of the storm in action: