New York City's five Republican Party chairmen released a statement this week that confirms the party doesn't have a viable candidate for mayor who actually wants to run for the office.

On balance, you can see why New York has six times as many registered Democrats as Republicans, the 2013 field already has many electable candidates, and the majority are left wing.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly has been tantalizing the party big wigs for just that little bit too long and, they note, he isn't even a registered Republican.

Party chairmen have made no secret of the fact they have 'indicated an interest' in speaking with Kelly about running, but as of right now their top choice is Gristedes billionaire John Catsimatidis.

Unfortunately Catsimatidis is less than interested: 'I've been supporting Ray Kelly,' he recently told the Times. 'I'm in the bullpen if Ray Kelly doesn't do it.'

A third choice candidate, according to New York Magazine, is the little known newspaper publisher Tom Allon, who is currently a - yikes - registered Democrat.

On the outer rim of current candidates names include Mayor Michael Bloomberg's girlfriend Diana Taylor. Other potentials include former stock exchange chairman Richard Grasso. But if you ask them, they'd all like Kelly to run. The thing is Kelly is looking less and less likely to.

New York City Police Commissioner Ray KellyReuters