The US Marshals service is investigating whether Congressman Peter King (R-Long Island) violated federal policy by accompanying marshals on a videotaped raid  inside a private residence and identifying himself as a police officer.

The video shows King, dressed in a police jacket, taking part in the raid which arrested a suspect in a Bronx apartment on Monday last.

King, Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, defended his actions saying he had done nothing wrong. King, head of the Friends of Ireland in Congress is considered the member most active on Irish issues in the house.

The presence of the videographer is a clear violation of  federal policy says legal experts, as was King’s presence at the raid inside the house.

Only persons who are US Marshals, employees or members of a task force are allowed film inside a residence during a raid.

The eight and  a half minute videtape was originally posted on King’s website but was quickly taken down. However, Talking Points Memo, a political site, grabbed the original video before it was removed.

King’s staff and the congressman himself have defended their actions.

“Congressman King was invited by the U.S. Marshals to accompany them in a series of raids and everything was done in compliance with their procedures,” King’s spokesman Kevin Fogarty told the Wall Street Journal.

King insists he didn’t do anything wrong.

“My understanding is anytime somebody makes a complaint, they always looks into it and that’s what this is all about but everything I did was in full compliance with what the marshals set out as the proper procedures,” King told 1010 WINS.

“I’m not aware there’s any concern with the U.S. Marshals because the U.S. Marhals are there the entire time on Monday and I spoke with them before, during, and after the raid,” King told WCBS 880′s Steve Scott on Wednesday. “I think what you have is you have some media group which is raising some objections and that’s the extent of it. Nobody in the Marshals at all has raised any objections with me then or since.”

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