A new survey found that the Irish rank religion and spirituality as the least important aspect of their lives. The Irish ranked education as the most important out of a suggested 119 categories.

The Community Foundation for Ireland (CFI) conducted the survey called the VitalSigns study. The study graded 12 areas that affect the quality of life for people living in Ireland and each area is given a grade between A and F, like a school report card. The study also gives an overall grade for satisfaction with life.

Overall, Ireland received a C+. In the 12 areas, Ireland scored best with a B+ for Arts and Culture. Education and learning received a C+ and Safety also received a C+. One of the areas Irish people were least satisfied with was work, equality, and financial well being, which received a C-. This grade was likely impacted by the recent economic crisis. Other areas Irish people were least satisfied with were housing, also earning a C- and health and well being, also a C-.

BreakingNews.ie quoted Tina Roche, CEO of The Community Foundation for Ireland, “Ireland’s VitalSigns 2013 tells us what makes Ireland vibrant and what we have to celebrate. The report also highlights a number of gaps and challenges that we are facing.” She added, “Identifying the areas that need improving and are the most important to people provides us with an opportunity to create change and have a positive impact.”

The survey was done in September/October of 2012. Nearly 600 people completed the survey of the 1,000 who responded to requests to participate. Survey participants left almost 7,000 comments.