PHOTOS-Dolphins visit Ireland’s shores photo gallery

There has been a surge of dolphin sightings in Irish waters this year, with wildlife experts finding a 1,000-strong feeding group off the coast. With the recent weather change, a lot more people are expected to spot the friendly creatures swimming around the coasts of Ireland.

The Irish Whale and Dolphin group reported 14 new dolphin sightings around Irish waters in the last week alone. Three dolphins have been accounted for as being frequent visitors around Dublin, and are beginning to earn the title of “residents” around the Darkley area.

These bottlenose dolphins were spotted swimming within 50 metres of the shore between Cove and South beach in Greystones and the recent good weather has been said to be a major factor in the increase in sightings.

Stunning views as record number of Dolphins visit Ireland’s shores - Photo Gallery

"It's amazing that these three dolphins are only ever seen off the coast of Dublin. They're enthusiastic, they're sociable, they're so much fun and it's always a lovely surprise when they are spotted,” said Simon Berrow of the Irish Whale and Dolphin group to the Herald.