Eamon De Valera’s grandson took a huge u-turn on Tuesday night – and agreed to a Fiscal Treaty vow of silence to remain in Fianna Fail.

Just days after he was stripped of the party’s deputy leadership title, Eamon O Cuiv reneged on his threat to quit the party his grandfather founded.

The Galway deputy is opposed vehemently to the EU Fiscal Treaty which will be put to the people of Ireland in a referendum at the end of the month.

O Cuiv has also been hugely critical of Micheal Martin’s stewardship after a clash of personalities between the two men.

Now the FF Rebel has agreed to shut up over Europe and remain in the party, a move many see as the first steps in a new leadership battle with Martin.

“After careful consideration I believe that the best contribution I can make is as a Fianna Fail member,” said the 61-year-old O Cuiv.

“It has been a difficult decision. In order to remain in the party founded by my grandfather, I have agreed not to campaign against the upcoming Fiscal Treaty referendum.

“I call on voters to study the long and short-term impacts of the treaty before deciding.”

Denying he had considered joining Sinn Fein, O Cuiv told reporters he would be a ‘powerless force’ if he left Fianna Fail.

“Fianna Fail is the only party that represents my political views,” he said.

Eamon O Cuiv stands in front of Ireland's Parliamentary building, Leinster HouseGoogle Images