Irish police are on red alert for a terrorist attack on British soldiers in Dublin’s Temple Bar – before the arrival of the Queen later this month.

The News of the World reports that dissident Republicans are planning to assassinate British soldiers sent to carry out security checks in the run-up to the Royal visit.

Police in Dublin have already identified Temple Bar as the most probable location for a dissident attack on the advance party due to arrive this week.

The Real IRA has vowed to shoot officers visiting Temple Bar on reconnaissance duty while the Continuity IRA has also vowed to disrupt the first visit by a British monarch since the foundation of the State.

“We are not going to let the head of the British state visit Ireland without us doing something,” claimed a spokesman for the Continuity IRA.

Irish and British security forces met in Dublin this week to review plans for the visit, just days before the arrival of US President Barack Obama.

Both sides are aware of the threat from dissident Republicans to disrupt Queen Elizabeth’s trip when she will visit sites in Dublin, Tipperary, Cork and Kildare.

The Queen is due to land in Dublin’s Baldonnel military aerodrome on Tuesday week with the latest threat from the Real IRA considered to be genuine according to the paper.

“Any information relating to the plans of the Real IRA has to be taken seriously and will be acted upon,” a security source told the News of the World.

“Police have to show extreme caution when dealing with such a ruthless gang.

“The Real IRA have no regard for human life and would think nothing of using guns in a location packed with tourists and shoppers.

“All efforts are being made to ensure the terrorists are not given the chance to mount any kind of attack in such a popular area as Temple Bar.”

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