The Real IRA has taken to the streets of Dublin and vowed to avenge the death of its leader Alan Ryan.

The dissident Republican was buried with a full paramilitary funeral after his murder last week.

A color party of Real IRA men accompanied the coffin outside the Church of the Holy Trinity in Donaghmede as armed officers and riot police looked on.

Ryan’s coffin, draped in the Tricolor and topped with paramilitary gloves and black beret, was flanked by six members of a Real IRA color party.

The funeral was attended by hundreds of mourners including dissident Republican Colin Duffy who had traveled from the North.

Reports in the Irish media say that as the Real IRA buried Ryan, their leaders warned his killers they are out for revenge.

Police also set up checkpoints after it was reported that shots were fired over the coffin at Ryan’s family home.

The father of one was given a paramilitary style funeral as men dressed in traditional Republican white shirts and black ties helped carry the coffin at the church.

The Irish Sun reports that Real IRA leaders have now turned their attention to Ryan’s killers who are believed to have fled Dublin after the killing.

One Real IRA boss told the paper: “It won’t be the police dealing with this, it will be us. Now the funeral’s over it is payback time.

“Everyone who was involved in the plot to murder Ryan is dead no matter how long this takes.”

Alan Ryan, a member of the Real IRA, who was killed in DublinGoogle Images