World-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay is whipping an Irish bar and restaurant into shape for the next season of his Fox show "Kitchen Nightmares."

PJ’s Steakhouse in Forest Hills, Queens has invited Ramsay and his television cameras into the establishment this week in an effort to revamp business.

The global star will lend himself to PJ’s Steakhouse for four days. Ramsay will give it his trouble-shooting treatment to ensure that the establishment becomes an overnight success.

PJ’s Steakhouse is owned and run by Joe Fahey from County Mayo.

Owners and staff of the restaurant were prohibited from speaking to the media until the taping is complete, but sources close to the owners said they are “very excited about the new transformation that Gordon Ramsay will bring about during the next few days.”

Ramsay, an acclaimed culinary expert and award-winning restaurateur, is known for his foul mouth and harsh treatment of kitchen staff, waiting staff and even the business owners.

The show, which was created in England for Channel 4, began in May 2004 and was an instant hit. Ramsay was initially introduced to American television viewers in his show Hell’s Kitchen. Audiences quickly became acquainted with his explosive personality, fiery temper and colorful language.

The culinary mastermind has brought numerous restaurants to the Michelin stars level, Europe’s highest and most coveted restaurant accolade. 

In past episodes of Kitchen Nightmares, Ramsay, using his passion for food and infamous lack of patience with sloppy standards in the kitchen, has saved different restaurants from financial ruin, including an Irish American owned restaurant in Long Island, Finn McCool’s in Westhampton Beach, which was turned into an overnight success after Ramsay spent a week with proprietor Buddy Walsh and family in 2007.

Business was a disaster for Walsh, so when he heard Kitchen Nightmares was looking for restaurants to revamp and bring back to life, Walsh, whose parents were born in Carrigart in Co. Donegal, signed on to have one of the world’s most contentious chefs come and show him how it was done.

Walsh’s business came on leaps and bounds since Ramsay’s intervention and to this day Walsh claims it was the best decision he ever had inviting Ramsay into clean up his business.

Kitchen Nightmares will air this coming fall on Fox. PJ’s Steakhouse is located at 73-11 Yellowstone Blvd, Forest Hills. For reservations call 718-544-5757.