Jenny Lauren, the niece of the world famous designer Ralph Lauren, pleaded guilty to three charges after her air rage incident forced the plane she was traveling on to make an emergency landing in Ireland. The charges against her include being drunk, being offensive, and behaving in an insulting manner while on board a Delta flight from Barcelona to New York.

Lauren was arrested after her Delta Air Lines flight was forced to land at Shannon Airport due to her disruptive behavior. One of the police officers who arrested her said the 41-year-old jewelry designer had asked them, “Can you say that in English please?”

She has pleaded guilty to “being intoxicated to such an extent as would give rise to a reasonable apprehension that she might endanger herself or other people on the aircraft.” She has also pleaded guilty to engaging in offensive and annoying behavior, having been asked by crew members to stop. She is also charged with breaching the peace and with threatening, abusive or insulting behavior.

Her case was heard at the Brian Boru on the Hill pub in Ballina, Co Tipperary, which is being used as Killaloe District Court. The presiding judge, Patrick Durcan, said the case should be heard in Ennis on Wednesday.

Lauren’s lawyer, Sharon Curley, put forward a cash lodgement as part of bail conditions. The judge rejected this and handed down the amount of $3,400. Inspector Tom Kennedy said police have Lauren’s passport.

Lauren operates a high-end jewelry business – Jenny Lauren Jewelry – in the US. A 2012 New York Times profile on Lauren reported that prices of her jewelry range from $350 for a pair of earrings to $5,000 for a necklace.

The designer’s 2004 memoir "Homesick: A Memoir of Family, Food and Finding Hope" recounted her battle with an eating disorder in her teens and 20s.

Last year, Forbes magazine estimated that Lauren’s famous uncle, 74-year-old Ralph Lauren, had a net worth of $7.7 billion thanks to his worldwide clothing empire. The Bronx native started his business in the 1960s, selling neckties in Manhattan.

The Brian Boru on the Hill pub, in Ballina, where Jenny Lauren's case was heard