From racism against the Irish, blacks and South Americans, and misogyny, the graffiti found scrawled in the construction workers toilets at One World Trade Center has shocked New York City.

One piece of graffiti demands that Irish people 'take a bath ya smelly f****.’

The most shocking is “None Whites Only” and “Whites Only” written on urinals and the constant use of the “N word.”

One misspelled remark reads “Lame n**** be queit [sic].”

Another reads, “Woman [sic] don’t belong in construction! Maybe painting, that’s it…Then who’s gonna **** us?”

An insider told New York Daily News that the graffiti on the 104-story tower is believed to be the handiwork of the construction workers

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“Most of it’s racial,” said the insider.

“Most of it - I mean, there’s a lot of stuff with the N-word. But pretty much every race is covered: Spanish people, Irish people, Jewish people, women.”

They said the “N-word” “is written all over the place, to be honest with you. That’s a big deal. It’s there.”

They estimated that 99 percent of the writing on the wall is negative remarks.

Saddened by the writing on the wall, the insider said, “We’re all supposed to be there as one, the whole 9/11 thing,” adding that the graffiti takes away from the sense of pride they have in working on this symbol of freedom in New York City.

Dermott Barber, charged with cleaning up the graffiti, told CBS Local these types of messages are common on construction sites.

“This is construction, I’ve seen this on many jobs that I go to. I’ve seen comments about black people, the N-word,” Barber said. “We spray paint it, spray paint right over it and clean it up as best as we can.”

Last week IrishCentral spoke to construction workers about the graffiti on the site.

For their part they only reported their own scribbling on the site including patriotic notes like “Up Kerry” and “Come on the Kingdom” but it would appear that not all the graffiti on site is quite so positive.

The $3.8 billion, 1,368 feet tall tower is part of the effort to memorize and rebuild the WTC after the 2001 Al-Qaeda attack.

In June 2012 President Barack Obama visited the site. He added to the graffiti writing, “We remember. We rebuild. We come back stronger!” on a steel beam.

New York shocked by racist and offensive graffiti discovered on the World Trade Center's construction siteNew York Daily News